Who We Are

We are elite musicians, artists, and enthusiastic volunteers who are committed to bettering the lives of animals around the world.  Our roster of exceptional performers includes world-class classical and jazz musicians and artists.  Our performers volunteer to share their talents at events that raise funds and increase awareness of all animal welfare causes.  All profits benefit targeted, highly-reputable animal welfare organizations doing great work in different parts of the world.  Check out the list of organizations we donate to.

Our Mission

Musical Paws seeks to improve the welfare of dogs, cats and other domesticated animals around the world through financial support of organizations committed to preventing animal cruelty. We raise funds through organizing and hosting concerts featuring world-class musicians and selling merchandise on our website.  Our events provide an opportunity to raise awareness and educate people about animal welfare and how to help animals in need.

Our Vision

We want to see a world in which all dogs and other domesticated animals know a life filled with love and care, and where people everywhere regard animals with kindness and a sense of protection.

Why We Do It

According to the Humane Society, most animal cruelty cases in the United States involve dogs.  Since 2014, animal cruelty has been a felony in every U.S. state, but that doesn’t mean mistreatment of animals has stopped or even slowed down. The general public (including law enforcement officers) needs to learn how to identify mistreatment, how to report it, how to prevent it and how to help heal the animals who have suffered. 

There is HOPE and you can help

Join us in our mission to lift dogs and other animals out of suffering and into a world of love and kindness.

Won-Hee holding a dog on the floor
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