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Our Mission to Help Animals in Need

Musical Paws is an organization of musicians, artists, and volunteers who host and stage recurring events and concerts to raise funds and donate the profits to organizations who help out animals in need around the world.

Unfortunately, many dogs, cats and other domesticated animals find themselves mistreated by their owners and later end up in kill shelters or abandoned in the streets to fend for themselves. It’s hard to understand this animal cruelty when pets are here on earth to give us joy and companionship.

It is our mission to end the suffering of abused animals and help secure a better and happier life for them.

If you are an animal lover like we are, you can support Musical Paws by attending or volunteering at a concert or event, purchasing our merchandise, and donating to an organization that helps animals in need.

All our profits benefit targeted, highly-reputable animal welfare organizations devoted to stopping animal cruelty.

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