Thank you for your interest in making life better for dogs and other animals around the world.  All of our events rely almost solely on volunteer help to plan, organize and stage them.  Your contribution here is crucial!

You can support the work of Musical Paws by donating your talents, time or funds. There are numerous opportunities for you to make a contribution and support Musical Paws.

How You Can Support Musical Paws

• Purchase Musical Paws products in our store.

• Visit the Donations page, where you can make a contribution to animal organizations such as the ASPCA, WPCA, SOI  

  Dog, and Planned Pethood.

• Share our events on your Facebook page and Instagram.

• Email your family members and friends and share a link to our website.

• Talk to all of your animal-loving family, friends, neighbors and associates about Musical Paws events and encourage

   them to attend or consider a sponsorship.

• Post flyers about us in your local coffeehouses and businesses.

• Introduce Musical Paws to our event guests.

• Help sell Musical Paws products at our events.

• Greet guests at events (serve as an usher).

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